About Us

Our Purpose


Promoting health education to bring about transformational lifestyle change for greater wellness and cancer prevention. 


Teaching cancer patients, families and the community through cooking classes and nutrition instruction to discover the truth about healthy ingredients and motivate better choices for healthy living and cancer prevention.

How We Got Started

At the age of three, my son Carson suffered with chronic sinus congestion and was diagnosed with stage four Burkett’s Lymphoma.  He survived both cancer and chemotherapy, but even though “cancer free” with every follow up scan, I felt no freedom.  I would not accept we were going to live the rest of our lives wondering if this cancer might come back.  I wanted to truly be free and desperately needed to know how.  This ignited a deep yearning to discover the truth about health.  I developed The Keyes Ingredients to educate, motivate and provide practical insights that will keep families from experiencing the challenges we walked through and bring vitality of life.

Teaching the Beautiful Truth about Food

Our Programs

We offer services and opportunities on a fee basis to the community to provide free services to cancer patients.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Cooking demos and interactive conversation for adults and camps for kids

Nutrition Instruction

Nutrition Instruction

Curriculum and practical teaching with insights for cancer prevention

Special Events

Special Events

Chef dinners and holiday experiences throughout the year and special occasions

Our Impact

Teaching the truth about healthy ingredients to motivate better choices impacts more than individual lives.  We’re preventing cancer one ingredient at a time and impacting generations with greater wellness as families teach their children nutrition habits learned through our cooking classes and curriculum.

Influencing Lives

We envision a society that understands how food choice impacts all of life, where taste & nutrition are never sacrificed at the altar of convenience but seeks out authentic food, enabling every person, especially children, the opportunity to live a healthy life and reach their fullest potential.

Impacting Generations

Child Impact


Help prevent cancer one ingredient at a time. Give so cancer patients can learn the truth about food to help heal from cancer and foster cancer prevention for all through food and nutrition education.

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