We have all survived yet another Merry Christmas! The crowds, the gifts, the wrapping, the eating & drinking & tirelessly trying to be “Merry”- who is usually someone thinner, better looking, better dressed with a bigger Christmas budget and has substantially more energy than you….Am I that far off??

These January blues are days away.  


Unless… you forget “Merry” and focus on being you and thankful for exactly who you are and what you add to the world around you. Is it encouragement? Is it Love? Is it a warm smile that might have been a game changer for someone? We are all blessed with different gifts. We don’t have a lot of control over our circumstances, we do however, have control over our attitude. 

It is a well known principle that those who practice gratitude experience a joyful life. I want to share my 5 tips to help you lead that life. 

  1. Take Care of YOU! My dear friend once told me it is SELF-LESS to do so. Selfish is NOT taking care of you, eventually, someone else will have to. Think about how you can take better care of you. Decide what it is and PLAN to do it (or it won’t happen).
  2.  Journal! Take a few moments a day (Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom) with a notebook & a pen. Journal about those random thoughts and specific dreams. As you achieve those dreams and goals, they won’t seem so random.

 3. Feed your mind, your body and your spirit. Garbage in = Garbage out and you are the only one who has control over this. 

4. Serve Others– Try it! You just might find it brings you more joy then those who you are serving. 

5. Verbalize your thoughts- For 2 reasons. First, it makes it real for you and if your words are positive are complimentary; it makes a difference. Don’t just think them, say them. Second, if the thoughts are negative, you will get them OUT and get rid of them! A great family challenge is to have a negative thought $$ jar. Friday nights out paid for just by talking smack! 🙂

This new year, I am thankful for “olive” you, your love and support over the years. 

Until we eat again,