While making soup stock from scratch, I reduce my kitchen mess, I reuse bones/carcass, then recycle to make yet another nutrient dense meal.  One of our favorite meals is Herb roasted chicken. It is quick, easy and we rarely have leftovers!  When it to comes time to doing the dishes, I take the cast iron roaster I roasted my chicken in, (without washing it) fill it with the bones/carcass from dinner, cover with filtered water, a few leek tops, (the green part) fresh parsley, himalayan salt and pepper. It simmers (not boils) for 12-24 hours.  This slow cooking method release the gelatin in the bones. Rich gelatenous bone broths contain calcium and other minerals beneficial to your health. A true simmer can also be achieved in a crockpot and or oven at 200 degrees. (heat sources vary)
Soups are definitely categorized as a healing, comfort food.  However, the healing part occurs in the ingredients used, preparation and duration of time simmered.  All good things take time.  In our society, we are always under such a time crunch and using hydrolyzed vegetable protein filled with MSG and the chemicals allowed in our food has become standard in broth bases. This of course, is not so healthy. 
Making your own bone broth is effortless. Bone broths have been used in various cultures for years as breakfasts, meals and snacks.  Heating a cup of chicken broth in the morning may not seem appealing but don’t knock it until you try it.  It sure beats that feeling of your blood sugar bottoming out and the sugar crash that follows the jelly doughnut. (also known as a “do-not” around here)
Top quality meats are required. To learn more on this topic click here.  
If you are using pasture raised meat you know that you actually get what you pay for.  Yes, the meat costs more however the quality and nutrient density of the meat allows that meat to be stretched through several meals. You do not need as much (quantity wise) and there are significant nutrients in the bones of the animal because it was humanely raised ands properly fed. 
Click here to create confidence in your Kitchen by making your very own broth.
Homemade Chicken Stock
Yields 5
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  1. 1 leftover bones/carcass (skin and or fat included)
  2. 6 quarts of water
  3. leek tops
  4. fresh parsley
  5. himalayan salt and pepper
  6. carrots, celery, onions, shallots
  1. The key is to cook low and slow. Season to your taste.
The Keyes Ingredients https://thekeyesingredients.com/
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